How long can I take HCG for?
The Injections or Drops must be taken for at least 23 days in order to re-set the Hypothalamus gland. However, one should stay on the HCG until you have reached your goal weight. 
Some may need to continue using the HCG for a few months, until they reach their goal w...

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How can the HCG protocol help me lose weight fast
This dieting plan is being recognised for its ability to you lose a lot of weight fast and more importantly, safely. HCG diet offers the dieter an efficient and long-lasting solution to their weight issues.
To find learn more about the HCG Diet S...

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How long will it take for me to notice weight loss with HCG protocol?
This is the absolute best part about using the HCG.The results are noticeable very quickly, usually within 4 to 5 days.
You will feel and see the difference in your body and definitely feel it in your clothes that fit you a lit...

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Are HCG injections safe to use for weight loss?
The HCG Shots are completely safe for weight loss.
There are no harmful side effects and they do not interfere or have any adverse affect on any chronic medications. 
Most people find after losing weight using HCG that there health is definitely imp...

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What is an Apple Day on HCG diet protocol?
You may find your weight stands still for a couple of days - this is what we refer to as a weight loss stall.
In order to trigger the body and break the stall in weight loss - we will recommend an Apple Day.
This is when you eat only apples for an enti...

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Fastest Way To Lose Weight Sandton

Nov 29, 2019 – Nov 26, 2020

To discover the fastest way to lose weight Sandton, read on!

Everyone is speaking of slimming injections and also wanting to find out far more ... so I'm about to tell you about one of the most remarkable weight loss systems. As a matter of fact it is life changing. The fat burning treatments ar...

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Here are some useful tips to help you overcome hunger, cravings and even frustration whilst on the Phase 2 of the HCG Diet System SA

Spices – Spice up your diet. Instead of just eating plain food for example, take a tomato add some Italian Spices, salt and pepper and a little balsamic vinegar. P...

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Do You Struggle With Weight loss? Read Helens Story…

Nov 22, 2019 – Nov 10, 2020

If you feel out of control when it comes to food, you’re in good company.

Twelve years ago, I was morbidly obese, eating my feelings, and sure that any effort I made, to have a healthy relationship to food would fail. Then, finally at rock bottom, I came face-to-face with what I was doing to mys...

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Can I use hCG if I am not pregnant?
Yes absolutely YOU CAN take HCG and follow the HCG Diet Protocol.
Although our body produces the hormone HCG during pregnancy, the HCG attacks the expectant mothers fat reserves breaking them down mobilising these fat reserves, to nourish the foetus.
When usi...

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a year ago
I love your service. Helen is phenomenal. She helped me get through my 3 day detox. I've lost 6kgs. It feels great that I will be rewarded for eating well on my scale . I'm now a fat burning machine. I'd appreciate some recipes please. Keep up the good work!!! I still have a long way to go but with your support I know I can achieve my dream.
- Tiisetso M
a year ago
I must say it was a pleasure dealing with Helen she was really understanding and helpful... I would highly recommend HCG Diet System to anyone looking to lose weight!
- Kim J
a year ago
The hcg injections worked so well for me. Thank you so much Helen for being such a kind and helpful person. I love our chats on WhatsApp! This is a wonderful service, my friends are already asking me about this diet. Thank you!
- Label P

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